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A  recent study by The International Newspaper Marketing Association documented the continuing slide in newspaper readership among women. This information is a major concern for ad-carrying newspapers who know that women have a strong decision making influence in household spending. The study goes on to say that local community news is of primary interest to the majority of female newspaper readers, with an additional emphasis on topics of health home and family. While weekly community newspapers do a better job than larger circulation dailies of meeting the desire for local news, the lifestyle content in both types of newspapers is still underutilized.  Is it any wonder many women are eschewing newspapers altogether for special interest magazines and niche websites?


Not surprisingly, this neglected demographic includes a substantial niche of women who have left the work force to stay home with their children. According to a recent Census Bureau survey, about 10.6 million mothers have chosen to stay home with their children… up 13 percent in less than a decade!

Additionally, according to a survey done by Mothers and More, a national mothers support group of over 7,500 women, their typical member is 34 years old and has two children; 84% of members have college degrees, and 30% have a masters, Ph.D. or other professional degree.  Considering college-educated woman ages 25-54 have such incredible buying power, it seems it would behoove newspapers to take strides to reach out to this substantial demographic.


One proven draw for women has historically been the humor column.  Based on the success of such columnists as Dave Barry and Erma Bombeck, it’s clear that features which relate to a woman’s life with humor and wit are appealing to female readers.  This can clearly be seen  in the case of LOST IN SUBURBIA®. After launching in one local New Jersey newspaper, LOST IN SUBURBIA®, was quickly picked up by several other papers in the same chain.The column is now syndicated in over 400 newspapers and 250 related websites and reaches an audience of nearly 10 million readers in 25 states.


“Over the years, I’ve heard from scores, perhaps hundreds of people who wanted to write a humor column about family life and modern society. None of them ever came close to having Tracy’s chops. They all think it’ll be easy. It isn’t. They don’t understand how to make the yucks universal. Tracy does.”
-Jay Langley
Executive Editor
Hunterdon County Democrat, Flemington New Jersey


Click here for information on carrying LOST IN SUBURBIA® weekly in your publication! (Six week free trial period. Rates based on circulation)




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