New Year – New TV Reel!



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10 responses to “New Year – New TV Reel!

  1. Vicki Bastien

    Go Suburbia!

    Phone msg from Vicki Bastien “Life is not falling apart, it’s falling in place.” ________________________________

  2. Maxine Bender

    You are so clever,it about time I told you.. I tell your mom all the time

  3. Harvey baron

    Hi Tra, Just saw your new reel. I love it. It has lots of energy and really captures what you are all about. Which to mom and me ( and I’m sure the rest of the world ) is WONDERFUL! I’m kvelling. Made my day. Luuuuuuv you, XO Dad

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  4. Thanks for making me laugh!

  5. Funny and energetic. Love it. Keep up the good work.