Yes, I threw my parents under the bus on local radio.

Mondays are usually all, “ugh,” “really,” “is it that day again?”  

WCTCBut today I got a chance to have some fun.  I got to go chat with Bert Baron, the host of “Jersey Central” on 1450 WCTC radio.  The price of this fun was I had to get up at 5:45am to get there on time.  But it was worth it.  Not only do Bert and I share a last name (my maiden name is Baron), but we also share a love of everything Jersey. We blabbed for an hour and compared notes on the proper way to pronounce mall (“MAWL”), the scariest pants after Mom Jeans (Dad Chinos) and how long women can legitimately use the “baby weight” excuse (18 years or until your oldest goes to college or leaves the house).

Thanks so much to Bert and WCTC for having me! If you’re sitting around eating bonbons and looking for some entertainment, you can listen to the podcast HERE!   (Apologies to my parents for being the butt of my Florida jokes during the interview.  You should have retired to Arizona or someplace less joke-worthy.)

*      *      *       *

OK, time for a recap!

If you were busy having a life instead of tooling around the Internet reading me, here’s what you missed last week:

-Some women shared their amazing stories about being lost in motherhood over on my other site, Lost in Suburbia Stories.

uterus-I wrote about my shameless Instagram addiction over on Dot Complicated.

-I Gave Martha Stewart my two (or maybe three) cents regarding her negative comments about bloggers

– I told the whole world how I’m fed up with my ovaries on Huffington Post Fifty.

– I talked about how my bra is trying to kill me in my weekly syndicated column.

*      *      *       *

So what’s coming up? 

A Twitter party!!  Who doesn’t love a party?

Join me for a twitter party to celebrate the launch of Lost in Suburbia Stories, my new site that celebrates the challenges of being a mom.


Are you lost in suburbia? It’s much more than needing directions when you get off the Turnpike.  It happens to a lot of women after having kids, and it’s easy to think you’re alone. But you’re not.  Talk to any mom after she’s given birth and you’ll find we all have a similar story. One that involves a changing identity, a new waistline and new challenges.

I created as a place where you can share your story about how you got lost in motherhood. We’ll be celebrating the new site with a whole hour of conversation about it!
I found my way back to cool by sharing my Lost In Suburbia story with friends… now it’s your turn!
We’ll have some AWESOME giveaways including:
– Copies of my book, Lost in Suburbia: A Momoir
– Copies of the new book Dot Complicated: Untangling Our Wired Lives by social media guru Randi Zuckerberg, part memoir, part how-to manual and addresses issues of privacy, online presence, networking, etiquette, and the future of social change.
– A CVS gift basket valued at $100. CVS/Pharmacy ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards has a new program that lets you earn $5 ExtraBucks rewards every time you fill 10 prescriptions!
– A Fat Boy Cookie Dough Gift Box
– An Elemis anti-aging gift collection worth $375. Elemis is the leading luxury British spa and skincare brand. Their successful combination of natural active ingredients with cutting-edge technology has resulted in the creation of superior anti-aging products.
– 2-3 one-year subscriptions of Working Mother Magazine. Working Mother is a national magazine committed to supporting and empowering today’s working moms in their pursuit of success – how ever they define it.

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