Was Motherhood Simpler Before?

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Not to sound like I was born when dinosaurs roamed the earth, but back when I was a new mom, there was no such thing as Facebook or Twitter or even (gasp!), texting.

Beckerman_robeWe couldn’t post a picture of the world’s biggest exploding diaper on Instagram, or look for a cute homemade pumpkin costume for our baby for Halloween on Pinterest, or make a six second video of our kid being French kissed by the family bulldog on Vine.  Back then, if we wanted to make new friends we had to go to the playground, or join a playgroup, or accost someone at Chuck E. Cheese. And when we wanted to talk to our new friends, we had to meet them in person or call them on the phone.

Friendships were not measured by comments, shares, retweets and likes. They were made and maintained in real life…



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