Lost in Los Angeles

Good DayThe next stop on my Lost in Suburbia “Six City Cool Mom Book and Blow Dry Bar Tour” was Los Angeles. But before I could fly out there, I had an appearance on Fox 5’s “Good Day New York” with Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly. And when I say before, I mean, an hour before I had to be at the airport to fly to Los Angleles.

I was really excited about the appearance because I think Greg and Rosanna are a hoot and you never know what is going to happen on that set. I was also excited because I knew that the group, Take 6 was supposed to be on the show that day, too, and I LOVE them and was hoping to meet them.

But mostly I was excited because I heard Fox has really good snacks in the green room.

Not that I’m shallow or anything.

In case you don’t know Take 6, they are a phenomenal acapella singing group. I have a special place in my heart for them because back when I was in labor with my son, we played my favorite Take 6 album in the delivery room.

Anyway, while I was waiting in the green room for my segment, eating muffins and trying to keep my dress from riding up because it seemed to be shrinking with every passing minute (which might have to do with the muffins I was eating), the sound of six-part harmony filled the hall and suddenly, Take 6 was in the room. I jumped up enthusiastically and yelled,
“Oh My God, YOU’RE TAKE 6!! I gave birth to you!!”

One of the members stopped and said, “You don’t look like my mother.”

Take 6I regained my composure, explained about the delivery room, and then gave them all hugs, because I’m friendly like that.
Then we sang together and took a picture.
Now that we were such good friends, I asked them if I could be part of the group and go on tour with them. They apologized and said that if I joined them they would have to change their name to Take 7 and all of their stuff already said Take 6 on it. I said I understood and it was fine because I had to finish my book tour anyway.

Anyway, after that, I did the appearance with Greg and Rosanna and it was a lot of fun. You can watch it here!

After the interview, I did a quick change, got into some comfy plane clothes and headed to Los Angeles!

The party in LA was at a fabulous place called Blow Angels in Santa Monica. We had some incredible sponsors for this event, including a hot new LA cookie company called Love Bites, 2Y7A00392Y7A00322Y7A9887a new line of Pure Natural Botanical Perfumes from the Pure Natural Diva, Tania Reuben, and wines from boutique vinyards in Napa courtesy of The Wine Sisterhood.

2Y7A0464Our tour sponsors Theraderm and Living Fresh were also on hand with samples and door prizes for two lucky guests.
Sarah Auerswald from MomsLA won a gorgeous sheet set and lotions from Living Fresh and Elizabeth Peterson from the blog Traded My BMW For a Minivan won a three month supply of Theraderm skin care products. They also both got great blowouts! Not a bad way for a mom to spend a night!
Did I mention we also served Cool Mom Margaritas, had chocolate mousse shot glass desserts, gave out all natural sunscreen samples from KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen, gift cards from Ann Taylor, and, of course, gave everyone a free copy of my book, “Lost in Suburbia: A Momoir. How I Got Pregnant, Lost Myself, and Got My Cool Back in the New Jersey Suburbs.” It was so much fun to celebrate with my LA friends!

The party ended with a bang, or more accurately, a large shredding sound, when I sat down and ripped the inside of my dress from my hip to my thigh. Fortunately it was the lining and no one noticed, but I realized I was definitely going to need to cut down on muffins in the green room for the rest of the tour.
Four shot LA
Thanks so much to everyone who came and to my sponsors for helping make this such a wonderful event!
two shot LA

*       *       *

Listen To Your Mother!

LTYMTomorrow at 5pm I’ll be reading an essay from my book as part of a one day, off-broadway show called, Listen To Your Mother.
Showcasing moving, socially relevant and humorous stories about a range of modern mothering experiences, the Listen To Your Mother Reading Series is a unique national event taking place this May in 24 cities across the United States. My castmates include former Editor in Chief of Redbook Magazine Stacy Morrison (now Editor in Chief of BlogHer.com), comedian Jaime Fernandez, the fabulously funny NYC blogger, Marinka, actors Laura Pruden and Elizabeth Robinson, and many other incredible women. The show is directed by Amy Wilson (When Did I Get Like This) and Shari Simpson (Dusty Earth Mother) and produced by Varda Steinhardt (The Squashed Bologna) and my book tour partner (!), Holly Rosen Fink (Culture Mom Media).
As Holly says, “Their stories will make you laugh, make you cry and make you reflect on the institution of motherhood. Whether you are a mother or a daughter, you will experience a deep connection to our show.”

Do something nice for yourself this Mother’s Day and come see the show! It’s TOMORROW, Mother’s Day, Sunday, 5/12 at 5pm at Peter Norton Symphony Space (2537 Broadway at 95th Street). Tickets are $25 (advance), $30 (at the door) and can be purchased in advance online HERE.

Hope to see you there!



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