How to Tell the Difference Between a Knee a Flower

Me: “Hi Honey, it’s me.”

Hubby: “Hey Tray, what’s up?”

Me: “I just got back from the orthopedist about my knee and I wanted to let you know what he said.”

Hubby: “OK. What’s the verdict.”

Me: “He thinks I have a torn, um… a torn, um… shoot! I can’t remember what it’s called.”

Hubby: “What does it sound like?”

Me: “Umm. Oh, I know. It’s a torn Nabisco.”

Hubby: “You have a torn cookie company?”

Me: “No. That’s not right. Let me think. I have a torn… Spartacus?”

Hubby: “That would be an ancient Greek hero.”

Me: “OK. Hang on a second. It is a torn Hibiscus.”

Hubby: “I don’t think that’s it.”

Me: “No?”

Hubby: “A hibiscus is a flower.”

Me: “Well I know it sounds like hibiscus.”

Hubby: “How about Meniscus.”

Me: “Yes!!! It is a Meniscus! That’s it!!”

Hubby: “OK. you have a torn Meniscus. That’s not good.”

Me: “Well the doctor said it could be worse.”

Hubby: “How’s that?”

Me: “At least it’s not my Godzilla.”

Hubby: “Patella.”

Me: “Right.”

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9 responses to “How to Tell the Difference Between a Knee a Flower

  1. Oh, my. A torn godzilla can be very messy. Thank goodness it’s only your hibiscus.

  2. I love it when doctors use words I don’t understand and then I have to relay them to someone who actually knows something about anatomy. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery so can go visit the Hawaiian hibiscus.

  3. Ha! If I had torn my Hibiscus, I’d be pissed. And by hibiscus, I mean my lotus flower. And by lotus flower, I mean my…never mind.

  4. Zoinks, Batman! I ripped up my ACLU and my spartacus tripping over a dog, and its no fun at all. Hope you feel betterish soon, and if not? I swear we will bring canes (and sexy!) back together.

  5. So funny. Laughed out loud until I was sniffling. sd