Getting My CAbi On

I have to admit it, the first time a friend invited me to a CAbi party, I thought we were going to be getting drunk and riding around in yellow taxis. Having just moved to the suburbs from the city, I had no idea that CAbi was actually a fabulous clothing line sold out of women’s homes, much like our mothers used to host Tupperware parties.

Since I am infinitely more interested in clothes than plastic storage containers, I was delighted to hear about CAbi – Carol Anderson by Invitation – and thrilled to attend my first party. I was even more thrilled when I discovered that the clothes were super cute and cut to fit a real woman’s body, not a teenager or skinny runway model like many of the designer clothes I found in the department stores.

Me with my CAbi guru, Deb, at my Fall CAbi show

So, when the CAbi consultant asked me if I wanted to host my own party, I thought for a minute, “Gorgeous clothes that look really good on me, and I don’t have to strip down in a dressing room with a three way mirror that makes my butt look so big they can see it from the International Space Station?”

“I’M IN!!”

My new favorite jacket for the fall!

That was five years ago.

I have hosted a CAbi party twice a year, every year since then and Carol Anderson has not disappointed.
This fall I was even more excited because I had seen a sneak preview over the summer and knew firsthand how beautiful everything was.

Plus, for the first time, I was planning to serve Mimosas. How much better does it get than that?

25 friends showed up and we all stripped down in my living room in a somewhat contained clothing frenzy fueled by orange juice and champagne and the glee that only a mother with a muffin top can know over finding a pair of jeans that actually fit and look good on her post-baby behind.
(privacy issues prohibit me from posting pics of my half-naked friends… but here is the room before the ladies tore it apart).

We ate, we drank, we shopped, and everyone left happy and well-dressed.

That is what I call a successful party!

About an hour after the party ended, I was putting my feet up and relaxing when the doorbell rang.

“Hi, we are from the _____ party and we would like to know if you plan to vote for _____ in November,” said the two ladies canvassing at my door.

“Actually, I belong to the other party and I will be voting for that candidate,” I told them.

(privacy issues and a keen sense of self-preservation prohibit me from posting my political affiliation here).

“Oh,” said one of the ladies. I could tell she was about to launch into her “Here’s why you should switch political parties” speech, when she leaned her head into my foyer and saw all the clothes on racks in my living room.

“Are you having a CAbi party?’ she asked in wonderment.

“It just ended,” I admitted.

“Oh,” both ladies sighed. “We love CAbi,” said one. The other nodded in agreement.

Our eyes all met in silent adoration. And then the ladies said goodbye.

Bonding over politics? Not so much. Bonding over CAbi? Absolutely.

(Note: This was NOT a sponsored post. I just happen to really, really, like this brand!! If you’d like to find out how to host a CAbi show, CLICK HERE)

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7 responses to “Getting My CAbi On

  1. Cabi jeans are the only ones I buy-and their tanks tops and jackets are awesome!

  2. Ughhhh… You mean I missed mimosas too? And I assume that delicious-looking tray of chocolate babka you posted on fb? If I didn’t love my job, I would hate my job for making me miss it! (And the clothes looked great too!)

  3. Terri, I can’t do much about the mimosas, but you can order the clothes over the phone from Deb this week if you want. email me and I’ll give you the link to the lookbook and deb’s #!!

  4. I have never heard of this phenomenon!!!! Does it exist in Baltimore??? Though I have to say – I would miss seeing photos of my butt they take from the International Space Station…