The Latest Lost in Suburbia Column: Don’t Flush on My Parade

When your kids are little, you develop certain bizarre habits to make sure you don’t wake them when they are napping. At first you unplug all the phones. Then you start hanging signs outside your front door that say “don’t ring the bell under penalty of death.” Finally, you get to the point where if anyone raises their voice above a whisper, you would have no problem hitting them over the head with a two by four.

Yes, that is how serious the whole “don’t wake the baby thing” is.

At night, the potential for baby sleepus interuptus is much lower and the only thing you have to really worry about, save for a tree falling on the house, is the dreaded “middle of the night flush…”


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One response to “The Latest Lost in Suburbia Column: Don’t Flush on My Parade

  1. Alas, when those babies eventually are potty trained you *still* suffering from toilet issues–day and night. Even with living in California with the “if it’s yellow let it mellow” adage alive and well, my kids still manage to horrify our guests with what they forget to flush.