I’m A Jewish Mother, What’s Your Excuse?

Now here’s some cool news: I have just joined forces with some super bloggers who are also incredibly funny ladies and members of my tribe. What tribe? Well the “I’m a Jewish Mother, What’s Your Excuse?” tribe. Funny enough, that is the name of the blog. Since I had some extra time after shoe shopping, getting my mani-pedi, and keeping my kids alive, I decided to write my first post for them. Here it is:


Getting my dress for a big, black tie Bar Mitzvah I was attending was the easy part. It was black. It was a dress. It fit. Enough said. No, the hardest part for me was doing all those annoying prep things a girl has to do to get ready for a big event. What does a man have to do…. Get a haircut? Shave? That’s about it. However, I needed to put my black tie transformation into effect a good month before the event…

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