The Scent of a Woman? Nice! The Scent of a Magazine? Not so much.

I just got the stinkiest issue of People Magazine, ever.

I’m not talking about the articles. It was the Sexiest Men Alive issue. Nothing stinky there unless your favorite hunk didn’t make the cut.
No, What I’m talking about is the ads. The perfume ads. This particular issue had a whopping FIVE, full-page, scent-soaked, fragrance ads in it and it was, in a word, overpowering. I am, unfortunately, somewhat used to this problem with the fashion and beauty mags, but this is the first time I have ever been subjected to such a grand-scale nasal attack by this particular mag.

I understand that when it comes to a scent, it is hard to convey the scentiness of it without actually providing a scent for someone to smell. Still, perfume or cologne, like wine, is best experienced when it is not mixed with others of the same kind. When this happens, the individual scents get lost, your nose gets overwhelmed, and all you end up smelling is one big eye-watering floral-ish mishmash. Although the ads feature a folded flap that you are supposed to turn back to “experience” the perfume, none of the perfumes are 100% contained by their flaps. The result, at least for me, is nose overload.

I am used to the the same thing happening when I walk through the perfume section of a department store. It is usually so bad I will go out of my way not to have to walk through it. Unfortunately, I do not have the same choice when the perfume department arrives between the pages of a subscription magazine in my mailbox.

I suspect that the perfume advertisers counted on the Sexiest Men Alive issue being a particular popular one and that is why they loaded up this issue with so many perfume and cologne ads. Still, I would beseech People to take pity on their subscribers for future issues and restrict the number of odiferous ads to one or two. I happen to like perfume, have a favorite brand, and use it sparingly but daily. However, if a magazine is so pungent it leaves my mailbox smelling like it’s advertising inserts for three days, I think it might be a sign that there can, truly, be too much of a good thing.

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disclaimer: The views and opinions of the ad content of this issue of People Magazine are mine alone and the smell, while bothersome to me, may not be annoying, overpowering, cloying, or smelly to other people who subscribe to or buy this magazine.


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