An Act of Kindness Fit for a King

For those of you who regularly read my blog, you know that I don’t typically promote any businesses or products. This is just not that kind of blog. However, today I had such an amazing experience that I felt compelled to give a shout out to a company that really made a difference.

After the freak October storm, we lost power for 7 days. Yes, 7. That is 7 days of no heat, no lights, no hot water. While it gave me an appreciation for all we take for granted and how much others have suffered as a result of other storms (Katrina, Irene), I was also truly grateful when we got the power back on and didn’t have to spend one more day in a cold, dark house. Although I was unhappy about the whole thing, for me the biggest issue was not being able to do anything to resolve the situation. It gave new meaning to the word “powerless.”

Of course I was not alone in this. Over 2.5 million people lost power, thousands in my town alone, and hundreds who went as long as I did without power. In addition to whatever property damgage costs we would undoubtedly incur, many, like me, had to throw out everything in our fridge and freezer and start over at the grocery store.

So today, with our power restored, I went off to the supermarket to restock. The bill was, as expected, enormous. As I bagged my groceries and tried not to look at the number on the cash register, the checkout girl said to me,”Did you lose power this week?”

“Yes,” I said. “For 7 days. That’s what all this is,” I gestured to the mounds of groceries. “I had to throw everything out.”

She nodded, left her post, and returned with a sheet of paper.

“We are giving everyone who went through what you did a 15% discount on your grocery bill. Here is the coupon,” she said, handing me the sheet.

I looked at the coupon and started to cry.

It had been a very long week and I was still raw from the stress. Seeing this gesture of compassion from a big business that had also been affected by the storm (the store had been without power for a number of days and had lost a large amount of perishables, as well), absolutely floored me. I asked to see the manager and thanked him profusely for their kindness toward me and the other members of my community.

So a big thanks to KINGS SUPERMARKET for being a truly “super” market. It may not be thanksgiving yet, but I am thankful for companies like them.

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8 responses to “An Act of Kindness Fit for a King

  1. that is fantastic! love when businesses choose to give back! ❤

  2. That’s really nice of Kings and I’m glad you shared. Not because I’m going to run out and get my discount but because I needed to hear a happy story about what we’ve gone through over the past week ’round these parts.

  3. Wow, and to think I was pleasantly surprised when I got 9 cents back for bringing my own bags. 15% discount! Kudos to Kings for offering community support in a time of crisis.

  4. Love hearing about business that support & give back to their community, beyond sponsoring the local little league team.

    I remember one morning last winter, my boys were clamoring for waffles, and this Housewife was woefully unprepared (especially considering another nor’easter was headed our way) — no milk, no eggs, no syrup.

    So I bundled up, cleared off the Mom-mobile and ventured out onto to our ‘burb’s snow-covered streets. I was almost there when my iPhone started barking, the Handsome Husband was calling to remind me it was Sunday morning and the market wouldn’t be open yet. (Why didn’t he think that before I pulled out of the driveway!)

    Well, Imagine my surprise (and relief) when I peered down the street and spotted a few cars parked in the market’s lot!

    While checking out, I shared my thanks with the passing manager. He than told me how he had called a few nearby employees the night before & asked if they’d come in early, “I figured there would be more than a few folks needing something and I wanted us to be here early, before the roads get too rough.”

    Glad you’re fully powered again! Enjoy the decadence of a warm house, cold food and cable TV!