My Cup Don’teth Runneth Over

Since I am the only one in my family that drinks coffee, I have often found myself making a whole pot of coffee in the morning and then throwing most of it out. Since I do not like to waste money on anything except shoes, I finally decided to wise up and get one of those one-cup coffee makers. The one I decided to buy was not just any one-cup coffee maker. This was an uber-coffee maker. The creamora of the crop. This was one of those fancy, expensive, espresso-pod coffee makers. All I had to do was fill the well with water, pop in a pod, and voila… a lovely cup of latte. Really, how much easier could it be?

So this morning I popped in my pod, filled up my water, and started up the machine. I turned my back to check my email and then, when I heard the whooshing sound stop, I turned back to retrieve my coffee.

But there was no coffee. I swore I could smell the coffee, but I didn’t see any coffee. I stood for a minute wondering if I had not actually made the coffee, I just thought I did. I knew I’d heard the whooshing sound so I was sure I had made a cup of coffee, but there was no cup under the coffee maker. While I stood there like an idiot trying to figure out what the heck happened, I noticed something drip off the counter. Then a steady stream of something poured off the counter. It finally dawned on me that the stuff pouring off the counter was my coffee and I had, in fact, made the coffee…

I just never put the cup in the machine to catch it.

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  1. Done that a few times — and my favorite new thing that seems to be happen quite often is the filter is not quite aligned. Therefore the grounds run all down into the carafe. I am sooo bummed, for like you I hate to waste coffee. This ends up with me lifting up the lid and checking on the status of the filter during brewing. Good grief.