Dear Marnie; Part 2

Several weeks ago I wrote about an email I got from someone named Marnie. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Marnie was stranded in London without any money or credit cards and she desperately needed my help to pay her hotel bill.

Well, you know, of course I felt bad for her, but I decided not to send her any money cuz of one small detail.
I don’t know Marnie.

Then today I got another email from someone named Jan.

You are not going to believe this, but Jan is also on vacation in England, is staying at the SAME hotel, and is also stranded without any cash or credit cards. Naturally, she wanted my help to settle her bills.

Now, WHAT, I ask you, are the chances of that??
Can you imagine? Two women, stranded in London, two weeks apart, at the same hotel, with no money, who needed my help to pay their hotel bills.

I am truly astounded. It is like some kind of weird cosmic anomaly.

The good news is, I also got an email from Jamal who has come into an inheritance of 50 million dollars and is willing to share it with me, or anyone else, who can send him a mere $500 to get it out of a customs. He would do it himself, but he is detained in Abu Dhabi with a sick friend.

So I’m thinking, if Marnie or Jan can find someone to front them $500 to send to Jamal, he will send them a cut of his 50 million dollar inheritance, and then they can pay their hotel bill and come home.

I would do it myself, but I don’t know Marnie, Jan, OR Jamal personally and I make it a policy never to send money to stranded women I don’t know on vacation in London or would-be heirs I don’t know in Abu Dhabi.

But maybe Bongo Soglo would. He is the bill and exchange manager at the Bank of Africa in Cotonou Benin republic and according to the email he sent me, he has 5.5 million dollars in an account that belongs to a deceased customer and he’s looking for someone to take it off the bank’s hands.

I’ll forward him Marnie and Jan’s emails.

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3 responses to “Dear Marnie; Part 2

  1. Hey, I can help these folks! I was just informed that I won the Yahoo 2011 Thailand Lottery. They are sending me 15 million and all I have to do is email my bank info. Wow, I’m lucky.

  2. Great blog, Tracy.
    I won the UK lottery last week. Yay! Did I buy a ticket. No. Well, that answered my question.