Why Did the Alligator Cross the Road?

While taping a TV show in Florida is certainly a nicer experience weather-wise than taping in the frozen arctic tundra of New York right now, getting to the studio in the Sunshine State presents a unique set of challenges that you don’t typically encounter in NYC.

“Whatever could you mean, Tracy?” you might ask.
Well, I will tell you.

Several months ago I had a TV appearance in New York City and I was 20 minutes late to the studio because there was traffic at the Lincoln Tunnel.

Several weeks ago when I had a taping at The Balancing Act (AIRING THIS FRIDAY AT 7AM on LIFETIME!) in Florida, I was almost late because there was an alligator blocking the road.

You see, since it is nice year round in Florida, and also since it is a large retirement community, there are lots of golf courses down there. In addition to having lots of golf courses, and lots of retirees, Florida also has lots of alligators. For some reason, these alligators like to hang out on the golf courses. Maybe this is because there is a ready food supply standing around swinging golf clubs nearby. More likely it is because the gators can sun themselves on the greens and take a swim in the water hazards (also known as lakes for those of you who are golf-illiterate).

Anyway, every once in awhile, one of these gators wanders off the golf course and into the road. This leaves one to ponder:

“Why did the alligator cross the road?”
Answer: “To make me late for my TV taping.”

Apparently, this is what happened when the car service was trying to get to me to take me to my taping. When the guy arrived 15 minutes late, I was understandably distraught.

“So let me get this straight,” I said. “You are late because there was an alligator crossing the road?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“Did you honk?”

“Yes. It still didn’t move.”

“Why didn’t you get out and push it along with a stick or something?” I wondered.

“Don’t want to get bit.” he replied.

He had a good point. Still, I was kind of annoyed and thought how even traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel was better than being delayed by a slow-moving suitcase in the middle of the road.

“Well we don’t have this problem in New York,” I told the driver.

“You know why?” he asked me.

“Why?” I asked him back.

“Cuz all the alligators in New York live in the sewers.”

*Watch Tracy when she appears on “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime Television, Friday, February 11 at 7am. Check your local listings for channel information.


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