The Pajama Jeans Saga Continues…

A couple of days ago I blogged about a new fashion item called Pajama Jeans. According to the website, these pants are so amazingly comfortable you will want to sleep in them. I did not actually own a pair of Pajama Jeans, but I was a skeptic. My thought was, nothing that looks good on you is actually comfortable (think high heels, skinny jeans, push-up bras) and therefore, if these pants are so comfortable you could sleep in them, they must be about as flattering as clown pants.

Having been a fashion victim of other trends such as jeggings and high-waisted jeans, I was not about to jump onboard the Pajama Jean bandwagon. However, I realized that it was kind of unfair for me to dis the Pajama Jeans without trying them. So when one of the Pajama Jean people read my blog and asked me to try a pair, I said OK.

Now if you know me, you know that I am among the many, the proud, the thunder-thigh challenged. The area between my belly-button and my knees is officially a no-tight pants zone. Many a pair of jeans have attempted to tame the cellulite beast, but very few have actually emerged victorious.

So I was not expecting great things from these Pajama Jeans. But yesterday when they arrived and I put them on, I was stunned to discover that they actually looked pretty good! They looked kind of like jeggings, but a little more forgiving around the thighs, and with a boot cut instead of a skinny leg. They are indeed soft, and cut just high enough that I do not look like a plumber from behind when I bend over, as is the case with some of my other jeans, and not so high that they qualify as dreaded Mom Jeans.

I’m a convert. I will definitely wear them again. I’m not sure I will sleep in them, too, but if I do, it’s nice to know if I wake up late, I won’t have to change the next morning to drive my kids to school and I won’t be embarrassed to be caught out in them if I get pulled over by a cop for speeding on my way to school.

Not that THAT ever happens. No.

Thanks Pajama Jeans. You rock!


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2 responses to “The Pajama Jeans Saga Continues…

  1. wow. i have been following the pj jean (and jegging) phenom as well. cant believe you’re a convert.

    …but there are some days i do end up taking the kids to school in my pajamas so i guess this cant be any worse.

  2. Slightly more socially acceptable than my fuzzy pajama bottoms with the kissy lips all over them!