My Visit to “The Balancing Act”

Several months ago I entered a contest sponsored by “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime Television to find The Top Blogger. Since it was not clearly defined, I wasn’t sure if it was America’s Top Blogger or The Top Blogger on Earth, or The Top Blogger in the Galaxy. I am definitely the Top Blogger in my house, and maybe even the Top Blogger on my block, but I wasn’t sure about the rest of the neighborhood, or the world. However, I was happy to just be in any Top Blogger contest on Lifetime, so I entered, and surprisingly, I won.

I could tell you that it was an honor just to be nominated, but that would be a lie. I was really psyched to win! It was an awesome honor! And when I got the news at the nail salon while I was getting my mani/pedi, I jumped for joy, although not too joyously because I didn’t want to mess up my mani/pedi, you know.

Anyway, the prize for winning the contest was to be flown down to “The Balancing Act” studios in Florida and appear on the show!

So this week I went down for my taping. Danielle Knox was the host who interviewed me and even though she is much skinnier than I am, I liked her anyway. Danielle is a mom, like me, and we bonded over tales of broken appliances and compared notes on how much laundry we do and how challenging it is to balance work, family, and “me” time. Danielle has three boys, and a husband and even a dog that is male, so there is nary a pink item to be found in her house. This makes it exceptionally difficult for her to get support when she needs to attend to important things like manicures and shopping for shoes. As the Top Blogger, I offered her some good advice: When you have kids and you need to get girlie stuff for yourself done, take the kids along, give them some good books to read, and load them up with candy.

It might not get you crowned “Mother of the Year,” but it gets the job done.

Thanks again to “The Balancing Act” for including me in their Blog Community and choosing me as the Top Blogger of the Universe! I’ll let you know when my segment airs, but in the meantime, check them out weekdays at 7am on Lifetime, and visit my blog at “The Balancing Act” website!

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4 responses to “My Visit to “The Balancing Act”

  1. DAMN GIRL! Forget skinny, that’s a whole lotta thigh!
    Congrats on top blogger in whatever galaxy you choose. You get the job done!

  2. I actually had to photoshop out my Spanx that were showing in the shot! LOL!!

  3. Well, as a competitor of yours for top blogger of the galaxy… I say… WELL DONE SISTAH 🙂 You did us proud. ESPECIALLY if you had to photoshop-out your spanx! *snort* 🙂

  4. Thanks! Wish I could photoshop out the cellulite in real life!!