Pants in the Oven

While I was driving in the car the other day, I heard an ad on the radio for oven mitts.

“Sometimes, taking pants out of the oven can be too hot to handle!” exclaimed the announcer.
What the heck? Who puts their pants in the oven? I thought this was kind of odd, but since I know someone who puts her baseball caps in the dishwasher, and someone else who washes her lacy underthings in her bidet, I figured that maybe there are some people who dry their pants in the oven.

Of course, this could be a major problem if you forget that they are in there. At the very least, it puts new meaning into the term, “hot seat,” and at most, you could end up with blackened trousers. Torn up jeans are a big look right now: Charred pants… not so much.

There had actually been one time when my dryer was on the fritz and I had the usual ten loads of laundry to do that I did think about using the oven to dry my clothes. I quickly nixed this idea though because a) it was almost dinner time and I needed the oven for my chicken, b) It was an old oven and there was probably only enough room in there for a couple of pair of underwear, much less all my family’s pants, and c) I usually overcook everything I make and therefore there was a good chance that even if I didn’t burn the clothes, I would heat them up so long they would shrink down to Barbie doll size.

Snickering, I chalked the commercial up to another example of marketing idiocy. And then a short time later I was in the car with my husband and I heard the same commercial again.

“Sometimes, taking pants out of the oven can be too hot to handle!” exclaimed the announcer.”

“How stupid is that?” I said to my husband. “Who puts their pants in the oven?”

“It’s not PANTS,” he said to me. “It’s PANS!”

I absorbed this piece of information and realized I was the one who was an idiot. I also realized the next time I heard a commercial on the radio, I should pay more attention.

Especially if it is a commercial for hearing aids.

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2 responses to “Pants in the Oven

  1. Also consider that hot pants could lead to a bun in the oven…