An Island Unto Myself

Imagine you come home from your vacation, you turn up your driveway, and your house is gone.
That’s kind of what happened to me, although instead of it being my house, it was my Blog.

Yes, there I was, all tan and rested and happy and ready to post about my exciting adventures, when I clicked on my Blog and found… nothing.

It had disappeared from the face of the Cyberuniverse.

To say that I was distressed would be a massive understatement. I sobbed. I screamed. I threw things. And then I ate some chocolate and realized that it was just a stupid web page and I could start all over again. Would it be painful? Yes. Would it be worse than having my second child without any anesthesia? Maybe. But at least this time around, I hopefully won’t end up with hemorrhoids.

In case you are wondering what happened, well so am I. It is a mystery that I cannot solve because try as I might, I cannot reach anyone at Google to help me unravel it. Apparently they offer nothing in the way of technical support other than a Help Forum, which is populated by some savvy Blogger users, but no one who can actually restore my old account.
This is why my new Blog is hosted by WordPress. Before I signed up, I made sure to check that they offer something in the way of actual support.

I am still learning my way around my new Blog, so I apologize for the scantily clad look of it.  I’m not sure yet how to hook up all my links and what not (“what not” is shorthand for all those widgets and buttons I need to figure out how to add), so if you want to read my column, head over to which is my main website, and you can connect to my latest column from there.

If I had been following your blog, please let me know so I can follow it again. If you had been following me, please come back. And tell all your friends to follow me, too. I will gladly accept sympathy follows! 🙂





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21 responses to “An Island Unto Myself

  1. Still commiserating with you Tracy. I don’t think I have enough chocolate in my house for an event such as this. I was following you and you may have been following me. I hope I don’t follow this latest stunt of yours. Mayhaps a rival blogger arranged this cyber-hit terrorism.

    Your co-misserating friend

  2. I am just sick for you! AUGH BLARGHING FRICKIN CRAZAP!

    That’s as close as I get to actual swearing.

    I will change the url on my blog to link to you as well, but I do hope that the blog returns miraculously!

    Hugs to ya!

  3. Hugs back at ya!! This has been suckier than a week of dog puke on the rug!

  4. Tracy,
    I am so sorry that your wonderful, fabulous, excellent, witty blog has vanished. I will contact a couple of my geek friends on Twitter and see if they have any suggestions for finding it. In the meantime, drink lots of wine, eat loads more chocolate, scream like you have the worst PMS ever, and let’s hope that some Google bot wakes up to the fact that your fantastic work needs to be returned. Love and irreverence. Sue

  5. Whoa, sorry to hear it. For the record WordPress rocks and is very reliable. Welcome to the family!

  6. Welcome to the WordPress neighborhood Tracy – the new “home” for your blog looks inviting!
    People can subscribe to this “The Lost In Suburbia Blog” via email at the bottom of the “Reply” area when posting a comment – nobody wants to miss even one column! Barb

    • Hey Barb, thanks for the encouragement. I’m a bit baffled how to get all the bling on my new blog so I might hit you up for some advice since you are obviously much more WordPress savvy than I am.

  7. Tracy,
    It looks terrific. I will update the URL on my blog links section for humor blogs to follow. Good Luck!

  8. Hey Tracy!
    Sorry, to hear about your old blog, and now you’ve got me terrified – mine is on Blogger, and I’ve spent the last few months totally tuning it up.
    It may be possible someone “rustled” it – I seem to recall getting a comment when I forgot my log-in from a remote access once. That’s not much consolation, but at least it would turn up.
    New site looks great though!

    • Thanks Dan. You know, I actually am liking this blog format better, and at least I know there are actual people at WordPress who can help me if I have a problem (I already contacted them!). Good luck with yours.. I have to check it out to see all your new changes!

  9. Good job getting set up so fast, Tracy. This would have taken me weeks. Great blog and the junk drawer piece was hilarious.

  10. Thanks Sharon. I just didn’t do any laundry, cook, clean the house, shower, brush my teeth or let the dog out for the day and I got it done. 🙂

  11. crazy sad for you and your content. crazy scared for my blogger self. am shift/printing, cut/pasting all day long today. am only in blogging training wheels, but will do my part to send my readers your way!

  12. Thanks for your comments. Send me the link for your blog so I can follow it!!

  13. Thanks Sue! I’m going to head over to your blog right now to see if I can follow you again. Tracy