When I found out that I would be joining “The Balancing Act” on their road tour in Raleigh, North Carolina at the Southern Women’s Show, there were a couple of things I knew I could expect:
-Lots of fun hanging out with the uber-cool Balancing Act hosts, Danielle Knox and Kristy Villa.
-A great time bunking with my incredibly talented blogger pal, Lindsay Maddox of Silly Mom Thoughts.
-Many cool products to check out from Shenandoah Growers, Dance Dance Revolution, Rebootizer Detox Shaker, and others.
-Wonderful southern hospitality
-Quite possibly a makeover from Lancome, Clinique, or Estee Lauder!

What I did not expect, was to learn that I had a really, really bad New Jersey accent.

Now, when you are in a place where everyone else sounds like you, you just kind of, you know, blend.
But when you go someplace where everyone else sounds like Paula Deen and you sound like a truck driver, it becomes a little more obvious.

Here’s how I figured it out:

Me: Is this the RAWley Mawl?
Lady at the Mall: It’s pronounced Rahhh-ley
Me: That’s what I said. RAWWWLEY.
Lady: No, it’s Rah-ley. Like jolly.
Me: Really?
Lady: No, Rah-ley.
Me: That’s what I said.
Lady: No, you said “Really.”
Me: Huh?
Lady: What?
Me: So, is this the MAWL?
Lady: It’s pronounced Mahhhl.

To be honest, I was actually surprised that the lady even talked to me in the first place because not only did I mangle the name of her city, I also happened to be dressed in a bathrobe.
With duckies on it.
At the Mawl.

You see, having driven my kids to school in my bathrobe once or twice, and gotten coffee at Dunkin Donuts in my bathrobe, I decided there was really no reason I couldn’t go shopping at the mall in my bathrobe.
Of course I would never wear my bathrobe to the mall in New Jersey because someone I know might see me. So I did it in Raleigh.

I did actually have a reason for doing this. I wanted to videotape the Raleigh reactions to this strange chick from New Jersey walking around the mall in her bathrobe for a segment on “The Balancing Act.”
But here’s the second thing I learned on my trip to Raleigh, North Carolina:

No one gives a hoot if you wear your bathrobe to the mall.

So once I got this New Joisey accent thing out of the way, and I did my little romp around the mall in my bathrobe, I moved on to the seriously fun business of “The Balancing Act” road show.

I had already met Danielle Knox once before when I appeared on the show after winning their Top Blogger of the Universe and Beyond contest, so she and I had already bonded. As I mentioned before, she is the nicest person you could ever meet and I love her even though she is taller, younger, and thinner than I am.
This was the first time I met Kristy, though, and I was thrilled to find someone else on the planet who is actually even more high-energy than I am. Imagine taking a can of Red Bull and putting it in human form and you would get Kristy Villa. When we met, she was on her way to shoot hoops with the Duke University Basketball team and I had no doubt that all five foot two inches of her was going to clean their clocks.

While Kristy went to dunk rim shots for the show, Lindsay and I got hauled off by Danielle to get makeovers. Lindsay and I have six kids between the two of us, and with the mommying, blogging, and copious amounts of laundry that we do in our efforts to get our family’s whites their brightest white, we do not get a lot of sleep or have much time for make-up.
Somehow the wizards at Lancome managed to transform me from a tired mom into a radiant, glowing, youthful looking version of myself, without actually turning me into another person. Everyone kept telling me how dewy I looked, which either meant that I looked younger, or I looked like a blade of grass first thing in the morning.
I’ll take younger.

Anyway, once I was appropriately dewy and radiant, I did a little “mom on the street” reporting, on camera, and asked some ladies for their most embarrassing mom moments!
I won’t tell you mine because I mention it on the show (which you will have to watch on May 4 at 7am eastern and pacific to see), but I will tell you it has something to do with driving in my bathrobe.

Bet you never saw that one coming!

The rest of the road show passed in a super fun blur of on-camera antics with Danielle, tie-dying Balancing Act t-shirts with Danielle, shopping with Kristy, doing “Dance Dance Revolution” with Lindsay, and lots more cool things that you will have to watch “The Balancing Act” on May 4 at 7am to see!

By the way, the next stop on “The Balancing Act” road tour is Nashville! Hmmm, I wonder how they feel about women wearing their bathrobes to the mall there…

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